Will You Be In Power Forever Jagan, Asks Motkupalli

Telangana senior leader Motkupalli Narasimhulu might had differences with Chandrababu Naidu and might had made negative comments earlier, however he has extended full support to Chandrababu Naidu during the critical times of his arrest in alleged skill development scam.

Motkupalli asked whether AP CM Jagan would remain in power forever. He said if Jagan was thinking he would stay in power forever. He said that Jagan had gone into a trance right from assuming power after the landslide victory.

“You have done a grave mistake by lodging Chandrababu Naidu in the jail. He is a very great leader having influence on even most powerful politicians at the natioanl-level,” remarked Motkupalli. He added that Jagan was taking negative pleasure by putting Naidu in the jail.

“It was done only as part of political retribution,” he said, reminding that Naidu never resorted to ‘vendetta politics’ nor is he a criminal. He likened Jagan’s administration to that of a monarch’s anarchy. “Naidu’s name was not mentioned in the FIR and further, the Skill Development case was closed in 2021. The Governor’s permission should be sought while arresting leaders of such stature. Naidu is a former CM but you did not seek the Governor’s nod,” he pointed out.

Motkupalli also reminded that Naidu spent Rs 7-8 lakh crores of the state’s funds, as part of the Budget outlay, under his rule. “Why would he resort to swindling just Rs 371 crore of lakhs of crores,” he asked. Further, he ridiculed Jagan for ditching his own mother and sister after using their services during campaigning before the 2019 elections.

Further, Motkupalli said that Jagan was the only CM ruling a state without a capital. “What did you do in the last four years? Is it necessary to put Naidu in prison when the elections are just four months away,” he asked and said that it clearly reflects Jagan’s criminal attitude and his ulterior motive.