Jagan To Go On ‘Praja Ashirvada Yatra’

Y S Jagan

The political landscape in Andhra Pradesh is rapidly evolving, triggered by Chandrababu’s recent arrest. Amidst shifting alliances, Chief Minister YS Jagan is honing his election strategies, determined to connect with the public and seek their blessings. Plans are underway for extensive public interactions, engagement with activists, candidate announcements, and targeted engagement with opposition parties.

Chief Minister Jagan has decided to embark on an extensive ‘Praja Ashirvada Yatra’, reaffirming his commitment to the people. This yatra aims to establish a direct connection with the public, amidst accusations from opposition parties following Chandrababu’s arrest. CM Jagan intends to clarify his position on the allegations and emphasize that they are unrelated to political affairs.

The YSRCP leader is steadfast in his belief in the people and their support. In this vein, CM Jagan has chosen not to pursue alliances, opting instead for the campaign slogan ‘Why Not 175’ and meticulous candidate selection based on extensive surveys. The focus will be on understanding local dynamics, aspirants of opposition parties, and strengthening party bonds within constituencies.

The YSRCP strategy prioritizes weaker constituencies, tailoring campaigns to address local needs and concerns. The ‘Operation Opposition’ will see CM Jagan actively engaging in target districts, gathering field-level insights, and participating in selected areas during assembly sessions.