Tamilisai Rejects, KCR Upset?

The political heat between the Chief Minister’s office in Telangana and Raj Bhavan always stirs discussions in the political circles. Some instances suggested that Chief Minister KCR and Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan had reconciled, with gestures such as KCR inviting the Governor to the new secretariat and giving the green signal for the TSRTC bill. These actions sparked a belief that the two had found common ground.

However, the recent rejection by Governor Tamilisai of the names recommended by the government for the Governor-nominated MLC quota has reignited political debates and tensions.

Previously, the Governor had rejected the government’s recommendation of Padi Kaushik Reddy under the MLC quota, citing disorganization as the reason. This had led to a significant dispute between KCR and Tamilisai. During that time, KCR refrained from inviting the Governor to assembly budget meetings and government programs, breaking established protocol.

It seemed like the gap between the two had narrowed when KCR invited the Governor to inaugurate the temple, mosque, and church in the Secretariat. They exchanged warm greetings, and KCR showed her around the Secretariat, indicating a positive shift in their relationship. However, the recent rejection of recommended MLC candidates has revived the narrative of Governor vs. CM.

In addition, there are speculations surrounding the possible arrest of KCR’s daughter, Kavitha, in the Delhi liquor scam. These developments have led to doubts and questions, with some wondering if they are meant to signal that the BJP and BRS are not aligned