Jagan’s New Slogan: ‘Why AP Needs Jagan’

With the intriguing political situation each day in Andhra Pradesh, AP CM YS Jagan is coming up with new strategies targeting a win in all 175 assembly constituencies.

YS Jagan held a review meeting of Gadapa Gadapaku with the MLAs and he assured that it is possible for YCP to win 175 seats out of 175. At the same time, he emphasized the tickets would be given based on the performance and also asked the aspirants to not be disappointed if not given the contesting tickets.

Jagan motivated the party MLAs and cadre to work towards winning all seats in the next general elections. Jagan further announced a new slogan ‘Why AP Needs Jagan’ and ordered all the MLAs to participate in the new program as well as the ‘Jagananna Arohya Suraksha’ program.

The AP CM made it clear that the next six months is the crucial time and it is time to shift the gears. He stressed that the progress and development done so far is on one side and from here it will be a big and crucial part. Jagan also said that the results so far were good and the public has a positive opinion of the party. The AP CM also mentioned about the opposition alliances due to the inability to fight alone.

Jagananna Suraksha program will be held for 45 days starting September 29th and ‘Why AP Needs Jagan’ will be taken up after that.