Congress Graph Steadily Increasing!

The Congress’ graph has been on an uptick since former AICC chief Sonia Gandhi announced the ‘6 guarantees’ at the Tukkuguda public meeting in Hyderabad.

According to Telangana Intentions, an organisation that publishes the people’s mood on a weekly basis, reported that the latest survey indicated increasing positive response towards the Congress from the public. It is mainly due to the ‘6 guarantees’ scheme, the organisation said.

It is learnt that the Congress graph has increased by 2.8% after the announcement of the guarantee scheme. For various other reasons, the party had been evoking positive response from the public during the last 45 days.

Ten days ago, the graph which was at 30.3 per cent, had reached to 33.1% now. There is talk that all the components in the guarantee scheme will benefit the public. Over 46 per cent of the public felt that the 6-guarantee scheme will have an influence on the upcoming Assembly polls.

At the same time, the BRS graph also is reportedly increasing and the difference between both the parties is gradually reducing.

Around 37 per cent of the people felt that the Congress would certainly come to power while 38 per cent of the people opined that though the schemes were good to hear, their implementation was not an easy task.

Meanwhile, there are doubts about the party leaders’ commitment to the Congress prospects as they are always at loggerheads due to internal bickerings. There are more leaders who are worried about their personal image than strengthening the Congress party, said political observers.

The number of leaders who keep fighting, cribbing and complaining has increased and this led to the popularity of the Congress party diminishing in the public.