What’s Worrying KCR In Kamareddy?

KCR is facing heightened challenges as they prepare to contest in the upcoming elections in the Kamareddy and Gajvelu constituencies. Winning in Kamareddy is expected to be a formidable task compared to the relatively easier victory anticipated in Gajvelu. There are several reasons for this escalation in tension, exacerbating the already popular opposition against the KCR government.

In Kamareddy Constituency, a significant factor adding to the tension is the presence of the Gulf Victims Welfare Association. KCR had previously made promises to support the families of Gulf victims, a commitment that seems to have been overlooked since taking office.

The votes of Gulf victims’ families in the constituency amount to approximately 30 thousand. Recently, they organized a substantial rally against KCR, expressing their disappointment. They have also decided to field candidates in the upcoming elections in collaboration with the families of the victims, aiming to challenge KCR and his administration.

Adding to KCR’s challenges, a massive rally was recently held in the constituency headquarters, organized by the Mudiraj Sangam under the banner of Dharma Poratam. This rally voiced strong opposition against KCR, with leaders urging their community to exert efforts to ensure KCR’s defeat in the upcoming elections.

The primary grievance stems from their perception that KCR has shown disrespect to the Mudiraju community. The community has persistently advocated for a fair representation, requesting at least four MLA tickets based on their population.

However, KCR has not allocated even a single ticket to the Mudiraj community. Given their substantial voting power, estimated to be around 50,000 in Gajvelu and Kamareddy, and an additional 70,000 votes in Ellareddy, the leaders of Mudirajula Sangam are questioning why KCR is alienating a community with millions of potential votes.

In the broader state context, Mudirajas are a significant force among the BC category, following the Yadavas, Gauds, and Munnurakaps. The unfolding events will reveal the course of action the Mudiraj community takes in the end.