Bandaru’s Dirty Comments On Roja Puts TDP In A Fix?

The war of words between the YCP and TDP leaders intensified, with the elections round the corner. The YCP leaders took exception to TDP MLA Bandaru Satyanarayana’s unwanted comments against tourism minister RK Roja.

Bandaru’s statements were hard-hitting and more at the personal level, reflecting the insanity of the TDP leaders in handling a crisis situation. Bandaru’s hideous comments on Roja have not gone well within the TDP party leaders. Bandaru’s distasteful allegations like ‘bluefilms’, ‘guest house’ and ‘bajaru bathuku’ comments now put the TDP leaders in a fix.

Even the TDP sympathizers are wondering how a Bandaru is allowed to talk the way he did, which is now doing more damage than help. “It is disgusting to see how Bandaru is criticizing Roja for slamming TDP leader Balakrishna, saying that senior NTR’s family is synonymous to dignity and unity. Is it the way TDP leaders speak to a woman minister, the YCP leaders wondered.

The YCP men also said that Bandaru and another TDP senior leader Ayyana Patrudu showed their utter disrespect towards women through their disparaging comments, a YCP leader said.
YCP sympathizer and ace director Ram Gopal Varma also lashed out at Bandaru for his ruthless comments against Roja. “Can any male speak so insultingly against any female in any context,” Varma asked in his tweet on X.

Meanwhile, the YCP leadership is contemplating on moving the court against the TDP leader’s cheap comments and slap him with the defamation cases soon. However, at the time when TDP is in defence mode with Chandrababu in jail and other unforseen hurdles, the cadre should be watchful on who speaks what in public domain.