KCR Agreed That He Had Plans To Join NDA!

After BRS MLC K. Kavitha was accused in the multi-crore Delhi Liquor Scam, her father and Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao seems to have lost track of what he is speaking at various meetings during the election campaigning. In an interview to a reputed magazine, KCR agreed that he had plans to join the NDA. He also agreed that he had sought the blessings of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make his son K.T. Rama Rao the chief minister.

The video which has now gone viral ahead of the elections is creating a sensation. The interview was published by the magazine on October 27, 2023. Now, this revelation has given ammo to the Congress which is vehemently campaigning that the BRS and BJP are the two sides of the same coin.

It is pertinent to note that Modi, during a public meeting in Telangana, claimed that he had turned down KCR’s proposal to join the NDA. At the same time, he also mentioned that KCR also sought blessings to make his son, KTR, the CM and that he did not accede to even that.

Soon the Congress began alleging that KCR and Modi have a secret pact. Else, why would KCR ask Modi about joining the NDA, the Congress leaders reasoned.

At that moment, KCR remained silent despite attack by the Congress following Modi’s revelation. However, KTR responded immediately and said that there was no truth in the allegations of KCR asking Modi about joining the NDA. “Why should KCR seek Modi’s blessings to make me the CM? It lacks logic. For that, it will be sufficient if there Is the support of MLAs,” he mocked.

This left the people perplexed as they could not understand whom to believe. However, KCR’s interview which is out, 10 days ahead of the elections, makes voters know that there is no truth in KTR’s words and that Modi spoke truth.

KCR’s word in the interview add strength to the Congress’ allegations. This could lead to a loss to the BRS. Now, it has to be seen how the Congress would use the interview for its advantage.