TDP, Get Set Go!

TDP is gearing up for a renewed wave of political tours with the recent development of Chandrababu Naidu being granted regular bail. This boost comes after the court not only granted bail but also made comments that further ignited enthusiasm within the party. Chandrababu and his associates find solace in the full-time regular bail, as opposed to interim bail on medical grounds.

The judge’s remarks stating insufficient evidence for Chandrababu’s involvement in the skill case and the absence of proof of funds reaching the party’s account in the alleged scam are seen as significant positives. The failure of the CID to prove corruption adds to the party’s optimism. Taking these comments as a favorable indication, Lokesh is set to recommence the Yuvagalam padayatra on the 24th of this month.

Adding to the political momentum, Bhuvaneshwari plans to resume her bus journey starting from the 26th. She had previously toured several constituencies, advocating for truth while Chandrababu was in custody. With Chandrababu receiving a clean certificate post the regular bail, Bhuvaneshwari aims to convey this message during her journey starting from Visakhapatnam.

Looking ahead to December, Chandrababu himself intends to engage with the public, possibly restarting the yatra from Nandyala, where he was previously arrested. The upcoming trips are expected to target not only the government but also Jaganmohan Reddy personally. As the elections draw near, Chandrababu’s bail is seen as a significant personal and party boost. The public’s reaction to the resumption of yatras remains uncertain.