#Waterwar: KCR Prepping Up To Hit Jagan Hard

When Chandrababu Naidu was the CM, Telangana and AP were at logger heads in the water sharing row. Political observers and people thought with Jagan taking over AP and his cordial relations with KCR, might find a solution to this decades pending dispute. But no, the situation hasn’t changed and it has become more complex.

Both Telangana and AP have complained against each other at the Apex Council over the proposed irrigation projects and water sharing. Amidst this the Apex Council is scheduled to meet on October 6th and would hear the complaints.

In order to put a strong argument before the Apex Council, Telangana CM KCR has asked the irrigation officials to meet him at his residence tomorrow. Also KCR has summoned the officials to come prepared with all the details related to the cases pending at Apex Council.

In this meeting, KCR would direct the officials about the strategy to be approached for the meeting and in a way, KCR wants to hit AP government as hard as it can get. Also KCR found fault with the Centre for overlooking the water dispute between the Telugu states and in this Apex Council meeting, KCR also wanted to expose the Centre for being ignorant and not looking into the water rows.

Telangana has objected to AP’s Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation project and also the water sharing on Krishna river. But it’s the dream of AP CM Jagan to provide water to Rayalaseema region to make the barren lands turn green.