Guntur Tutor’s Home Turns Covid Hub: 39 Tested Positive

The tutor who was running a tuition centre located in the Bhatluru Sc colony in Guntur, the regular classes at his residence has led to the high exposure of COVID amongst the students. Nearby residents who have noticed the symptoms in tutor and made him and his students get tested COVID.

Sadly, tutor and 14/50 about his 7yrs age students and 25 are the parents of the students who also tested positive for COVID. Saddened parents are worried about their children due to their age since it has a high-risk point for children below 15 years and above 50 years.

Thirty-nine were tested positive for COVID in a day, a sudden hike at a time. Residents claim that it transmitted within the tutor’s class who was the primary cause for the expanse of the deadly virus among children.

Due to the swift incident, the officials have announced Bhatluru Sc colony as a containment Zone and sanitized the hit areas. The primary instructions through announcements around the colonies and instant quarantine centres arranged to admit and isolate the patients.

However, the notice has been issued by the authorities to the tutor for disobeying actions against the government. Parents should prefer verified online school classes which are safe to prevent such incidents in future, advised by the officials.

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