Naveen Sets An Example To Jagan

BJD stalwart and outgoing Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, who served 24 years in the high office of the state, set a new example with his gracious act after he attended the swearing-in ceremony of the incumbent yesterday. The BJP which assumed power in Odisha after a prolonged political battle reciprocated Naveen Patnaik’s friendly move with a warm welcome on the stage.

It is a known fact that Naveen Patnaik’s BJD suffered defeat in the hands of BJP the recent assembly elections of Odisha. Chief Minister designate Mohan Charan Majhi went all way to Naveen’s residence and invited him to the swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday. Naveen gleefully accepted the invitation and put aside political rivalry which emerged when the BJP went hammer and thongs on him during the election season.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi also criticised Naveen Patnaik’s policies and made remarks on his health issues. But, Naveen never went over board and always manoeuvred political affiliations skillfully. He accepted the defeat in the hands of BJP and stepped down as Chief Minister.

Naveen Patnaik was welcomed by BJP leaders and Prime Minister Modi had a long chat with him on stage and the bonhomie between the duo was a treat to watch for everyone. The visuals went viral all over social media and Naveen Patnaik’s class act has been receiving appreciation for all quarters.

When politics these days is all about revenge and paying back scores by warring politicians after coming back to power, Naveen Patnaik won hearts by attending the oath taking ceremony of his successor. This sets an example to Andhra Pradesh former CM Jaganmohan Reddy. There are reports that, Chandrababu Naidu personally called Jagan to invite him for the swearing in ceremony, but he was not responded.