Then Jagan Wasted Money, Now Naidu Saves It

Right after YS Jagan Mohan Reddy became the CM in 2019, he sparked public outrage with his anti-TDP stance as the government destroyed Praja Bhavan in Amaravati and halted Anna Canteens.

On top of that, Jagan took a step further and canceled the cycle distribution scheme for school-going girls. It was alleged by TDP that Jagan canceled the cycle distribution program just because this was commissioned by the previous CM Chandrababu.

Cut to today, Jagan has been brought down from power and he is no longer the opposition leader of AP. But Chandrababu didn’t let this get to his head as he has reportedly done something very thoughtful and receptive.

According to the latest news, Chandrababu has ordered the continuation of the school kits distribution scheme that was orchestrated by the then CM Jagan Mohan Reddy. These kits, including the school bags and other stationary items have Jagan’s face imprinted on them.

If Chandrababu didn’t want Jagan imagery on these items, he could have easily rebuked them, but this would have resulted in a huge loss to state exchequer as all the items would’ve needed to be discarded.

But Naidu, being the senior pro, didn’t let that happen and ordered the authorities to distribute the kits despite the Jagan imagery on them.

TDP activists on social media are saying Jagan’s administration started with destruction while Chandrababu’s regime started with thoughtful thinking.