Only First Half Over, Close Eyes For 5 Years -Jagan

YSRCP leader YS Jagan today met his MLCs and reassured his party members that their good work during their rule will be remembered by the people, despite any conspiracies.

He emphasized that even though the election results might seem unpredictable, they should not worry. He pointed out that 40% of the population still supports them and called for a discussion on EVM issues.

Speaking at the event, he first commented, “TDP, BJP, and Janasena are currently enjoying a “honeymoon” period. Give them some time. Later we have to count Chandrababu’s mistakes like Sisupaludi mistakes and corner him”.

Despite the election outcome, he believes the good they have done will be remembered, and they will rise again once the opposition’s “honeymoon” phase ends. He once again stated that they have implemented 99% of their manifesto promises.

“Only the first half of the film is over; If we close our eyes, these 5 years will easily pass and once again we will come to power” Jagan said, giving massive assurances to his party men. Jagan reassured his party members that their non-discriminatory governance and benefits provided to every household would be remembered by the people.

But then Jagan expressed doubt if the ruling Telugudesam-Janasena would give them ‘opposition party’ status in the assembly as they don’t have numbers.