No Ministries For Seniors! Ayyanna Refers NTR

As the suspense over the portfolios of ministers in the new cabinet of Andhra Pradesh continues, the discussion among political circles on why some of the prominent senior TDP leaders were ignored by Chandra Babu Naidu this time seems to be taking the center stage.It is clearly evident that the cabinet of CBN 4.0 is a mix of fledgling MLAs and party loyalists.

 Surprisingly, seniors like Gorantla Buchiah Chowdary, Chintakayala Ayyannapatrudu, Yanamala Rama Krishnudu, Somireddy Chandra Mohan Reddy etc. didn’t get any representation in the cabinet this time. This is a gutsy move by Naidu because senior leaders have been the backbone for the party which has seen some many ups and downs in its history. 

But, Naidu’s bold decision to infuse fresh blood into the cabinet seems to have been embraced by the party seniors because there is no dissent from any of them till now. Moreover, aggressive leaders like Ayyannapatrudu, one of the old guards in the party and tipped to helm a ministry this time but missed out due to unknown reasons, welcomed the decision of the high command to give a chance for the young and dynamic MLAs in the cabinet. 

Ayyannapatrudu said that all seniors in the party will extend complete support and cooperation to the inexperienced MLAs in the cabinet. He added that it is an appreciable decision to encourage young leaders in the party and recollected how Sr. NTR inducted him into the cabinet when he was just 25 years at that time. 

Reacting on the rumours about differences between leaders of Vishakapatnam district, Ayyannapatrudu condemned them and said that MLAs wouldn’t have won with such massive majorities if there is no mutual cooperation. He said it is a collective victory of NDA alliance.