Chandrababu Rejects IAS Sri Lakshmi’s Bouquete

IAS Yerra Srilakshmi has been a very well-known face to the Telugu community right from the YSR era. She was even arrested back in 2011 for her alleged involvement in the Obulapuram Mining case which also had Gali Janardhan Reddy as the main accused. She was later given a clean chit by the Telangana High Court though.

Despite the corruption allegations and the image-denting arrest, the controversial IAS office is heavily trusted by the YS family. In fact, even after the arrest, YS Jagan found no wrong in reinstating Srilakshmi in an administrative position. She was appointed as the special chief secretary by Jagan after he became CM.

But things have changed drastically now with the arrival of the Chandrababu Naidu government in AP. Today, Srilakshmi tried to formally greet Chandrababu while the CM was holding a conference with the IAS officials. But when Srilakshmi approached Naidu with a flower bouquet, Naidu turned it back and didn’t receive it. 

Srilakshmi looked dejected as Naidu turned down her bouquet. This follows Naidu’s strong speech in the conference where he said he is severely disappointed with the way several IAS officers operated in the last 5 years.