Jagan Postponed 5 Years, Lokesh Did In 1 Day

It is extremely important for a politician and a man in power to be in direct touch with the public. If he/she feels that this can be bridged by some associates and taking their opinions as general consensus can be fatal. This was seen in the case of former CM Jagan who cut direct access with the public for the last five years and relied on I-PAC and other associates to collect public consensus. In the end, he was grossly misinformed about the mandate in the Telugu states.

Cut to now, Nara Lokesh has quickly learnt from this grave mistake made by Jagan Mohan Reddy and he has started working in his own way.

Today, Lokesh held Praja Darbaar in Mangalagiri where he met with the public and got to know about their hassles. He even collected relevant grievance paper brought to him by the public which will be assessed later and adequate solutions might be provided.

Earlier, Jagan planned something similar with the famous Racha Banda program which was supposed to bring him directly in connection with the public. But this pilot program never took off and eventually, Jagan postponed it for five full years. In the end, he didn’t commence a single Racha Banda program in his tenure.

Bu that is not the case with Nara Lokesh as he has proactively worked on establishing a direct bridge with the public. Analysts are saying Lokesh understands the importance of Mangalagiri which gave him a historical verdict and that is why he started the mass outreach program just a day after he got appointed as the cabinet minister. Where Jagan lacked, Lokesh is delivering surpluses energies.