What Is Sajjala Doing Now?

The YCP has lost its prominence among the party leaders even as party president and former CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is trying to discover the reasons behind the ridiculous defeat.

A few leaders are being away from the party activities and even the party bigwigs.

At present, though the party has less numbers in the Assembly, it has 35 MLCs. The party is hoping to bank on their strength for the next five years by making their voice heard in the Council.

However, a few MLCs remained unavailable. Jagan Mohan Reddy held a meeting with the MLCs and urged them to be active and raise voice in the legislative council. Reportedly, five MLCs remained away from Jagan’s meeting. They did not come into contact despite YCP leaders’ phone calls. The former CM has understood that the next move of these YCP MLCs would be to shift loyalties. It may be recalled that Jagan had sent turncoats as MLCs during his regime. Now, it could that they would like to return back to their parent parties.

The TDP alliance is strong in Assembly but not having the required strength in the Council. It could face trouble in the Council. In such a situation, the TDP and JSP combine likely to invite YCP leaders into their parties. Speculating this development, several MLCs had already gone into seclusion.

In such a condition, the YCP has increased vigilance on the MLCs. Former government advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy had been calling the MLCs on phone and trying to gain information about their problems. For the last couple of days, Sajjala had been trying to placate the dissident party leaders.

It has to be seen if Sajjala’s attempts would bear fruit.