Pothina Mahesh Spits Venom On Pawan Kalyan

During their whole five-year tenure, the strategy of the YSR Congress party that actually made people reject them in the 2024 election was that they used derogatory language and silly logic on opponents.

And now that they are sitting in opposition, many thought that Jagan’s men would do constructive politics. But it looks like the defeat hasn’t taught them any lesson.

Pothina Mahesh, who expected a Janasena ticket from Vijayawada but got upset after it was allotted to BJP’s Sujana Chowdary, has defected from the party and joined YSR Congress.

With most of the YSRC leaders losing big time in elections, it looks like now they have made Mahesh to target Janasena and Pawan Kalyan.

Today, Mahesh opined that ‘Social Justice’ aka ‘Samajaka Nyayam’ is not there in picking up ‘Deputy CM’ for Andhra Pradesh state. He stated that social justice is not done because the Deputy CM post was allotted to an OC candidate (Pawan) but someone from the BC, SC and ST castes was not picked up along with him. Of course, the public is laughing at these venom-spitting comments.

A party that doesn’t know it is losing the election, a party that doesn’t know how to govern a state and a party that failed to get even ‘opposition status’ is now talking about TDP-led NDA failing to do social justice is not only a joke, but a self-goal too.

Come on, every alternate citizen of Andhra Pradesh doesn’t even know the names of five Deputy CMs of AP during Jagan’s regime and wonders what these Deputies are actually doing.