‘Furniture’ At Jagan House, YCP Says Will Pay back

For the past few days, supporters of both the Telugu Desam Party and the YSR Congress Party have been trading charges over ‘Furniture’. The controversy erupted when the official ‘X’ handle of YSRCP posted a video snippet featuring glimpses from YS Jagan’s review meeting with his MPs. Many were shocked to know that Jagan has been attending all official meetings from the party camp office at his residence in Tadepalli during his tenure as CM instead of the state secretariat, which is dedicated to government-related purposes.

The main accusation of the TDP is that the camp office of the YSRCP is still using the furniture of the secretariat without returning it to the government, even after not being in power since the recent assembly elections. The official X handle of the TDP alleged that Jagan looted crores of public money and is now using the government’s property without returning it. Further, it also criticized Jagan and his government for splurging crores of public money for various works relating to the camp office and CM’s residence by posting the GOs issued at that time.

The YSRCP came up with a strong response to these allegations, saying that they have already informed the government about their willingness to pay back the cost of expenditure incurred for the furniture and other equipment installed at the camp office. MLC Appireddy issued a press statement to counter TDP’s narrative on furniture. He said that the ruling party is stooping so low after getting power and resorting to unnecessary lies over the usage of furniture in the camp office of the YSRCP.

He asserted that the YSRCP has already told the authorities concerned a few days ago to intimate the total worth of the furniture to be paid back to the government and that the process for repayment is underway. He said the supporters of the Telugu Desam Party are intentionally trying to vilify Jagan Mohan Reddy’s image. He condemned the fact the fact that even TDP ministers are part of this unnecessary row over furniture.

It is a well known fact that senior TDP leader, Former AP Speaker Kodela Siva Prasad also faced similar allegations when the YSRCP came to power in 2019. He was accused of using furniture and was shamed by the leaders of YSRCP. Kodela even wrote a letter to the then government that he will pay back the amount for the furniture based on the value, still the YCP and the then government tarnished his image. Later, he committed suicide at his residence and TDP attributed his death to the public humiliation done by Jagan’s government.