Lotus Pond Touched: Zonal Commissioner Fired?

Yesterday, the GHMC officials demolished the illegal establishments in front of former AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s house in Lotus Pond, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. The security arrangements that were established on the public footpaths were demolished by the GHMC officials.

Cut to today, out of the blue, disciplinary action has been taken reportedly against the Zonal Commissioner who oversees GHMC operations in Banjara Hills.

Bokharde Hemanth Sahadeorao an IAS officer of the 2018 batch was allegedly relieved with immediate effect from his duty as the Zonal Commissioner and was asked to report in GAD, Telangana.

Bokharde is no longer the Zonal Commissioner of GHMC an he has been fired from the job effective immediately, says reports. A circular of the same going viral on social media.

While it hasn’t yet been confirmed if this layoff is a result of the fallout over the demolition of security arrangements at Jagan’s Lotus Pond Palace, the timing of the action is raising suspicion. But what is for certain is that the government of Telangana, led by Revanth didn’t think twice before demolishing the illegal construction, even if it belonged to Jagan Reddy.