EVM Issue: It’s Jagan vs Jagan

The former chief minister of AP YS Jagan Mohan Reddy nurtured a new argument as he tweeted out that he has concerns about the EVM system. He called for the reintroduction of the paper ballot system to ensure the sanctity of democracy. He cited the example of advanced nations using paper ballots to push his case forward.

However, it turned out to be that old Jagan Mohan Reddy has contradicted and trolled new Jagan Mohan Reddy over the spat on EVMs.

Reacting to Jagan’s new tweet on EVMs, TDP and JSP supporters are quoting a file video of the same Jagan after the 2019 election. In this video from 2019, Jagan carefully explains how EVMs can’t be tampered with.

In the video, Jagan is seen explaining how the VVPATs will show the party that the voter pressed on the EVM and confirms there is no place for default here. He also spoke about the mock drill done by polling agents who cross-check each EVM with 50 mock votes before clearing it for polling.

In the old video, which was taken after YCP won the 2019 election, Jagan meticulously explained the sanctity of EVM and disregarded the argument that they can tampered with.

This is directly contradicting the new stance of Jagan who suffered a gutting defeat in the 2024 election. The citation here is that Jagan was fully in approval of the EVMs and their sanctity when YCP won by 151 seats in 2019 but he is against the same EVM system in 2024 just because his party lost badly. In view of Jagan’s new tweet, his earlier video on EVM is trending atop on social platforms.