Will Jagan Come To Assembly On 24th?

Jagan In Assembly

After a gutting defeat in the 2024 AP assembly elections, former CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is venturing out of the Tadepalli residence for the first time as he is touring Pulivendula tomorrow.

Once Jagan is back, he is scheduled to hold a high-level meeting with his party MLAs and MPs on 22 June to discuss the strategies to be followed for the coming assembly and parliament sessions.

This meeting comes in the wake of the forthcoming assembly sessions in Andhra Pradesh which are commencing on the 24th of this month. The three-day assembly session will start on 24 June and go on till 27 June.

This has given rise to the big question, will Jagan Mohan Reddy attend the opening assembly session? It certainly would be tough for a leader who served as CM for five years to come to the assembly without even the opposition leader status.

This is the exact situation that Jagan is facing now, and on top of that, he has started the argument that there could be a hindrance in the EVM system, thus suspecting foul play in the recent election.

Analysts are opining that it might be tough for Jagan to process the defeat and come to the same assembly where TDP’s 23 MLAs, and mainly Chandrababu were abused and overpowered for the last 5 years by YCP, and the roles have reversed now.

But at the same time, if Jagan skips the assembly fearing oppression by the Kutami MLAs, it would mean that he isn’t respecting the public mandate and is living in denial. This would ultimately do more bad than good for him.

Some clarity on this matter could arrive on the 22nd when Jagan chairs the meeting with his party representatives. Is Jagan mentally prepared for the challenge of setting foot in the assembly after ruling the floor for five years with 151 MLAs, to having to go there with just 11 MLAs and not even having opposition party status? We will know in less than a week’s time.