Jagan’s ‘Rajamahal’ Becomes National Debate

The infamous Rushikonda palace is doing a world of bad to the image of former CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The super costly Rs 500+ crore construction has gone on to catch the attention of national media now as Republic TV’s famous Arnab Goswami called for a debate on this topic.

In this debate, Arnab said Jagan’s “Rajamahal” replicates a Saddam Hussein-style palace with “Very very very very lavish spending”. He quoted that a few people even feel this palace is grander than the Buckingham Palace that belongs to the King of England.

“The secretive nature of this construction is the main culprit here as Jagan Reddy, who was ousted from power has some explaining to do to the public. The gross misuse of public funds for this building that is disguised as government attraction doesn’t upstand credibility.”

The report from the national media outlet reads that the Rushikonda Palace has bathtubs worth Rs 36+ lakh which indicates the lavish spending that went into its construction.

While the Rushikonda Palace was only a topic of discussion in the Telugu states till now, it has gone on to national media ground with Arnab’s report on “Jagan’s Rajamahal”. This could tarnish YCP’s image on the national level.