RRR Ane Nenu: Fighter In The Assembly

Despite winning on YSR Congress MP ticket from Narsapuram in 2019, Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju had a largely treacherous run with his own party. He had countless rifts and tussles with YCP over the last 5 years before finally quitting the party and joining TDP before the election.

Raghu Rama has now secured a big win from the Undi assembly constituency and he has completed a remarkable comeback. From battling Jagan to quitting YCP, and then having to leave Narsapuram and go to Undi to win on TDP ticket is no mean feat.

RRR has scripted one of the most extraordinary turnarounds in AP politics and he seemed elated to have entered the assembly as an MLA today.

While RRR complained that he was badly humiliated by YCP in their tenure, he has found new harbor in TDP to a degree where Nara Lokesh was seen cheering after he completed his swearing-in as an MLA. From not even being able to see his YCP boss Jagan face to face, RRR seems to have found a happy home in TDP.