Balayya: A Tale of Selflessness And Aggression

Though it hasn’t been publicized much, the fact that can’t be denied regarding AP politics is that Nandamuri Balakrishna played a key role in the TDP+ alliance sweeping the Rayalaseema belt in this year’s election. He was instrumental in campaigning for the alliance and aggressively toured most parts of the Seema region which gave new zest to the alliance. As a result, YCP slipped from winning 49/52 seats in Seema in 2019, to just 7/52 this year.

But despite being such a fiercely competitive fighter for the TDP and also for the alliance, as a unit, not once did Balakrishna throw any tantrums. He never ran after any portfolios or ministries.

Today, Balayya took the oath as the Hindupur MLA for the third consecutive time and this really is a tale written with a special ink. Despite Jagan’s best efforts to claim Hindupur by fielding a BC candidate who belongs to the majority voting populous community, Balayya won the seat by a 32K+ majority.

On top of his big win from Hindupur, Balayya was decisive in the process of turning the Seema region towards the TDP+ alliance. Else, breaking this bastion of Jagan Mohan Reddy would have been nearly impossible. Balayya’s aggressive tours and mass-centric speeches have all worked the trick.

Despite giving so much for the party, Balayya was rather very simple in the assembly today. While he anyway didn’t stress on any cabinet ministry, he didn’t throw any tantrum getting seated in the front like a special candidate either.

Balayya calmly sat in the back row along with his fellow MLAs. Selfless yet fierce leaders like Balayya are hard to come by for any party and TDP must really be lucky that they found a man who shares NTR’s bloodline and is so very committed to the party.