Babugaru.. Deputy CM Gari Taluka!

It is not uncommon for the family members of a leading politician to get special perks if he/she is in power. Recently, in the case of ex-CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, he commissioned close proximity security to all of his family members no matter where they are in the world.

In a new development, something interesting happened with Nagababu, the elder brother of Pawan Kalyan as Andhra Pradesh police officials met him and conveyed best wishes.

The fact is that Pawan is the deputy CM of AP, while Nagababu holds no post in the government, so the top men of AP police meeting him is rather unwarranted. This meeting has surprised even Pawan’s followers and JSP supporters as they are unable to comprehend the nature of the meeting.

The chances are that AP police meeting Nagababu is just a courtesy call and not a show of allegiance to a deputation of power just because he is the deputy CM’s brother.

But for now, the term “Babugaru(Nagababu) deputy CM taluka” is trending everywhere as many are surprised to see AP police’s special wishes to Nagababu.