Babu And Revanth: 2 Statements, Infinite Discussion

On the 6th of July, Telugu state CMs, Chandrababu Naidu and Revanth Reddy met in Hyderabad to discuss the post-bifurcation issues faced by AP and Telangana. Shortly after the meeting, the two stalwarts came up with completely contrasting political statements that caught the attention all over.

On 7 July, a day after meeting Revanth, TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu revealed the plan to recreate a robust framework for the resurrection of TDP in Telangana. He vowed to bring the party back to full glory in its birthplace of Telangana. In this context, there have been reports that TDP might even contest the GHMC election which is a year and a half from now.

On 8 July, Revanth came to AP and called for the need to resurrect Congress in AP. He commented that Sharmila will be the CM of AP in 2029. Not stopping there, he commented that he would come to Kadapa in the case of a by-election here and campaign for Sharmila to ensure her win. He openly expressed the intention to see Congress in power in AP in 2029.

As things stand, TDP and Congress are at their bare minimum capacity in Telangana and AP respectively. But the party heads, Babu and Revanth have made two huge statements and led to infinite discussion on their gameplan.

TDP has a large loyalist vote bank that consolidated for Congress’s cause in 2023 assembly elections, while Congress has a fierce leader Sharmila in AP. If Naidu and Revanth can walk the talk, the Telugu states politics will get that much more interesting with the resurrection tale of these two outfits.