Steel Bar From Biodiversity Flyover Falls On Road

Remember a car flipping from the flyover and leading to the death of a woman. This horrific accident was reported on Bio-diversity flyover just days after it was inaugurated. The guy who was driving the car claimed that the design of the flyover is at fault and he was not over-speeding.

Post the incident, the flyover was shut for nearly two months and after safety measures, it was reopened to commuters. Once again the flyover made it to the headlines and this time, it’s about the quality.

A connecting rod of the steel bridge fell on the road and fortunately no one was hurt in this. Yet again it raises the concerns about the flyover’s quality and design. An activist brought this to the attention of authorities but the netizens who saw this were shocked and are really doubting the quality of the flyover.

The authorities are yet to respond to this.

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