YSRCP needs a ‘Change’ to change its fate

‘Change’ is inevitable in any profession. Be it an individual or an organisation, adopting ‘Change’ is key to survive in crisis. Even political parties are not devoid of this principle. So, those parties which don’t stick to this will be pushed into political oblivion at one point of time. It is not just a matter of survival anymore.

Indian National Congress, a political behemoth which ruled the country for so many years until 2014, is the prime example of how parties will lose relevance if leaders stick to conservative thinking and not update in tune with the changing mindsets of the people.

The same is case with YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSR Congress party which ruled Andhra Pradesh from 2019 to 2024 with a decisive mandate, but lost even the opposition status after the recent assembly elections. As per political experts, YSRCP will face existential crisis if the top brass continues the same strategy and refuse to adopt a change in its policies and approach in various issues.

Many analysts are suggesting that Jagan Mohan Reddy should take a cue from the founder of Telugu Desam Party, NTR. After creating history with a thumping victory in 1983, NTR centralized power with him and refused to give a free hand to the ground level cadre. Due to this, his party suffered a serious setback in the next elections.

After a thorough assessment of the failure, NTR than decentralised power and gave complete freedom to leaders at mandal and village level. This smart ‘Change’ in strategy by NTR proved to be a game changer for the party as it rode to power with a solid majority.

Now, Jagan also should learn from his mistakes and start assessing the reasons for the party’s disappointing electoral performance in the recent elections. He should adopt strategies that will strengthen the party at the root level in every constituency. He should identify hard working leaders at the booth level and make sweeping changes within the party first.

Moreover, Jagan need to infuse fresh blood into the party by encouraging by young and dynamic leaders just like how TDP did in the 2024 elections. Also, Jagan should change his approach while taking key decisions and need to come up with a more aggressive strategies if he wants to make a strong comeback and retain power in the coming years. Only a ‘Change’ in approach can change the fate of YSRCP from its current position.