KTR Cites Chandrababu as Example for Telangana Voters

In recent weeks, KTR has been actively commenting on the political situation in neighboring Andhra Pradesh. Just a couple of days ago, he expressed surprise at the electoral outcome for Jagan Mohan Reddy despite his perceived achievements.

Now, KTR has seized upon the circumstances involving Chandrababu Naidu to bolster BRS’s standing in Telangana. He directly appealed to Telangana voters to take note of Naidu’s situation, referencing reports that Naidu had requested Rs 1 lakh crore in aid from the central government.

Quoting the report, KTR wrote, “This is how you assert yourself in Delhi. By voting for strong regional parties that can deliver results. I hope the people of Telangana are observing closely.”

Naidu, holding significant sway in Delhi due to the NDA’s precarious position, has prioritized Andhra Pradesh’s needs by seeking substantial financial assistance. If successful, this move could provide a considerable economic boost following the debt-heavy tenure under the YCP regime.

With the significant victory for TDP+, Naidu finds himself in a pivotal position in national politics. KTR, carefully evaluating these developments, is now using Naidu’s example to encourage Telangana voters to favor the regional BRS over national parties like Congress and BJP.