Poor parents reject Pawan’s ‘Telugu’ call

AP CM Jagan’s proposal to mandate English medium for all schools in AP, was first opposed by the opposition party TDP, but Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan took the contention to next level by launching the movement ‘Mananudi Mananadi’ as a part of protecting the Telugu language and rivers in the state.

Pawan launched this fight against the ruling party’s objective to replace Telugu with the English medium, but what he should have done is asking to not ignore Telugu completely while learning English.

Time and again, the Telugu people in Andhra Pradesh chose to be on CM Jagan’s side by voting for English medium than to go with Telugu medium for their children in schools. 96.17 percent of parents in Andhra Pradesh of 17.85 lakh students opt for English medium for their wards while only 3.05 percent opt for Telugu medium. This is the second time the people of Andhra Pradesh decided to leave Pawan Kalyan on the losing side, the last general elections being the first time.

Though the voting conducted by the government proved it with clear numbers that what parents are seeking, it is obvious that almost all of them want their children to be taught in English medium, as at a later point, they need to learn English.

Pawan Kalyan, rather than just launching campaigns to oppose the ruling party’s schemes and objectives, it is better if he appreciates the cause and supports what people want. His approach to opposing ‘English medium’ with words like ‘killing Telugu culture’ did not make sense, as the parents said it loud that they want their kids to learn English. It is true that a leader’s voice in opposition which doesn’t appreciate or agree with the good objectives of the government loses its pitch when it objects to the bad deeds of the same government. Time for Pawan Kalyan to respond to this English shock!