KTR – The Man On Mission

The pandemic hit has left the people in lockdown and the governments of all the countries most frustrated. Now knowing how long this lasts in many countries, some countries have been seeing the numbers dropping with a hope to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Amid this daunting task of saving lives, the countries have started focusing on reviving the economy with a slow restart. As a part of it, countries like the US, Japan, and India are looking to cut a large number of import and business deals with China, for obvious reasons.

While many Indian companies and entrepreneurs are looking to bag the opportunity of large and medium scale development projects within the country and also to attract investments to our country to energize the economy, Telangana is racing ahead with out of the box ideas and best possible practices to be followed.

KTR, the name will be heard many more times in the near future for his ideas and how he is going to chalking plans to make Hyderabad a hub for all coming big investments and path-breaking works. KTR is reportedly working aggressively on grabbing the opportunities for the state.

The Telangana minister also proposed some measures to the Union government to reboot the Indian economy, which includes carrying out bold reforms before anyone does like updating labor laws to support investors’ consistency and also the bankruptcy laws. KTR suggests focusing on developing world-class industrial infrastructure in a mission mode over the next one year, large self-contained industrial parks, world-class ITIs, and polytechnics.

KTR underlines the improvement of export competitiveness in priority sectors like Pharma, Aerospace, Textiles, Leather, IT, and Food procession with acting scouting of markets and offers a better deal than what competing nations offer. He further bounced the idea of soft loans to procure quality machinery, International training of staff, offer attractive incentives on exports, and also bailout for SMEs as they are worst affected.

KTR advised promoting mega industrial parks like Hyderabad Pharma City and Kakatiya Mega Textile Park as National projects to scale them up to compete for manufacturing opportunities. Constituting an Empowered Strategy Group to identify and follow up on investment opportunities, is also one of the persuasive ideas.

Needless to say that out of six pharma companies in India that are in the race to make a vaccine for COVID-19, three are headquartered at Hyderabad. There are five young entrepreneurs from Hyderabad in the recent list of most reputed Forbes 30 under 30 Asia.

While these are the ideas and proposals from the Telangana’s dynamic leader who is progressing miles ahead, the leaders in the neighboring state are stagnating the progress and development as they are busy slinging mud against each other with discrepancies in coronavirus relief programs, elections, and English medium controversies.