We did not let Hyderabad become Kurnool: TRS minister

There has been a severe criticism on Telangana government that it is not doing adequate tests to rectify more Corona cases and so the cases count is coming down in the last few days. Especially the BJP is accusing TRS government of acting on the behest of MIM party in this regards.

Telangana Health minister Eatala Rajender reacted on this and in his comments, he mentioned about the situation of Andhra Pradesh where the Corona cases are increasing with each day passing.

“We have acted more responsibly then rest of the states in the country. Our government has identified 1244 people who went to Nizamuddin markaz and performed tests for everyone. All of them were kept in observation and did not leave any one. If we would not have acted accordingly, Hyderabad would have become another Kurnool or Guntur,” said Eatala Rajender.

That’s how TRS minister tried to defend the stands of Telangana government that it is performing tests to people who have only travel history. People who are reaching Gandhi and King Koti hospitals with Corona symptoms are being sent back after learning their details of travel history.

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