Lockdown Again If Necessary : KCR On Second Wave Of Corona Virus

Telangana CM KCR sounded the alarm over the second wave of Corona Virus and asked the citizens to follow strict preventive measures with the surge in cases. KCR urged the citizens to take the Covid-19 pandemic seriously as a second wave has begun in the country. He said several new Covid cases are being reported across the country daily with Delhi being the epicenter and new deaths are being reported. He said it was painful to see the situation in the national capital. He asked people to not take the situation lightly as the severity of the virus in the second wave is said to be more dangerous than it was in the first wave.

CM KCR said Covid-19 is brought under the control with great efforts. He said the Telangana state government is committed in maintaining the situation. He added that the government won’t tolerate it if there is any severity in the condition. KCR said the government will also impose lockdown again if it is necessary. Towards the end of the press conference, KCR said that people have to be careful and adhere to Covid guidelines if they don’t want another lockdown.

CM said the government is prepared with the measures. He said 10,000 beds with oxygen facility have been kept ready. CM KCR said he has reviewed the situation and passed orders to Health Officials. He said he has asked the officials to increase the number of Covid-19 tests.

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