‘Intiki Vachi Narikestha’: MLA’s Boothulu On Journalist

TRS MLA Gudem Mahipal Reddy has threatened a journalist who has written about land encroachments involving TRS leaders including the MLA. An audio clip of this is out and during the conversation, the TRS MLA Mahipal Reddy literally threatens the journalist by saying ‘Intiki Vachi Narikestha Na….ka’ (behead the journalist at his house). The MLA went onto use filthy language and profane words.

The audio clip starts with the MLA Mahipal asking the journalist to come and him. However the journalist asks the purpose of meeting and to this the MLA loses his cool. Then the MLA goes on foul mouthing with abusive words while the journalist resists and says he feels scared to meet the MLA. Then the TRS leader tells the journo to record this conversation and dares to file a police complaint against him at the police and even at the DGP level.

Taking courage, the journalist finally questions whether the land encroachments on the highway involving TRS leaders aren’t true? The TRS MLA once again gets angry over this and intimidates the journalist that he would make him meet on his own.

Bowing down to those threatening calls, the journalist says he would come and meet the MLA when he is free. But the details of the journalist are not known and going by the conversation, he is a print media and local journo.

The TRS leadership is yet to react on this but this has not gone down well with people and everyone is criticising the MLA for being the side of land grabbers.

Meanwhile, BJP Telangana chief Bandi Sanjay has called a press conference and played the audio clipping. He asked the journalists unions and associations to support journalists. He asked whether associations and unions of journalists are there to support journalists in critical times or whether to do lobby for the heads of government.