Pawan Kalyan’s responsible tweets making sense

The entire world is severely hit by Corona virus. Everywhere people are falling sick and dying in thousands. In these hard times, no politics, no sports and no entertainment. Coming to politics, people will definitely hate when leaders indulge in pity politics. Majority of the leaders are maintaining their dignity yet there are some instances, a few deliberately do politics. Usually people don’t care them and so no one bothers.

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan who handed over the AP politics to BJP due to alliance, is back to being active because of Corona virus. However Pawan is cleverly not cornering the ruling party or AP CM YS Jagan. He took the responsibility of solving the problems that are being posted to him. This may or may not be for political benefit but he is doing everything in his hands.

The lockdown has impacted the daily and migrant workers. With no jobs and money, they are heading to their respective states and at this juncture, Pawan Kalyan is doing a tremendous job.  Though he did not get on the ground, he is doing it with the tweets and solving many issues.

The fishermen of Srikakulam district got stuck at Chennai port and Pawan took this to the notice of Tamil Nadu CM. The Jana Sena chief requested TN CM to make arrangements of food and shelter to the fishermen. In response, TN CM addressed the issued and replied to Pawan that they will be fully taken care.

Then it was the turn of 500 migrant workers and their families who are absolutely in helpless situation in Mumbai. Tagging Maharashtra CM in his tweet, Pawan urged Uddhav Thackeray to help them.  “Pawan ji, don’t you worry. It is our responsibility to help all who are in trouble during this crisis. They will be contacted immediately and assisted,” tweeted Maharashtra CM.

On the other hand, Pawan tweeted about own AP people and tagged the AP CM YS Jagan. The response was nil and in fact way before the lockdown was announced, Pawan had appealed to CM Jagan. Yet there is no proper reaction from the ruling party.

While Pawan is getting a good and prompt response from neighbouring states CMs and leaders, it is interesting that our own AP CM Jagan is not able to address Pawan’s concern. Leave about CM Jagan, not even YSRCP ministers are at least not having a look at Pawan’s tweets for that matter

In the past when Chandrababu Naidu was the CM, Pawan’s requests were duly addressed and in fact the TDP government made all the efforts when Pawan raised issues. Now the Jana Sena chief is getting the same sort of reception from neighboring states CMs. This shows Pawan’s stature has spiked up and many leaders across parties in different states are respecting Pawan say the political analyst. We shall see where this will take him to.