Viral: Siddharth’s Satire On FM

The fuel prices are skyrocketing and are burning the pockets of common man miserably. The fuel prices across the country are at record level. In Hyderabad a litre of petrol costs Rs 94.18 while the diesel cost is Rs 88.31.

Yet the Centre is playing a spectator role and is in no mood to control them or bring them down by cutting down the taxes. On the rising petrol prices, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the Centre has absolutely no role in managing the fuel prices and it is purely in oil companies in hands.

However, advocate Prashanth Bhushan has mocked FM Nirmala by sharing a video of her comments when in opposition and now in power. Retweeting this video, hero Siddharth made satirical comments on FM Nirmala.

“Maami is next level flexible in her belief system. No onions, no memory, no principles. Maami rocks!,” tweeted Siddharth. But a user found these comments offensive and Siddharth defended himself by writing, “With due respect sir, there is nothing undignified or demeaning about the word Maami. I have used the word all my life. It’s what I would call her if I met her and spoke in Tamil. To me it’s no different than Chacha Nehru. Thanks.”

The ‘Maami’ comment of Siddharth is going viral on social media and netizens are liking and retweeting his comments.