Naidu’s Letter To His Wife Goes Viral

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu penned an impressive letter to his wife Usha greeting her on the occasion of 66th birthday on Tuesday. It was replete with affection towards his life partner and also love towards the language.

He lauded her for following the wedding vows to the T and being an ideal woman by striving for the welfare of him and his family members. He wrote that Usha had fulfilled her duties as a responsible mother and grandmother, by showering affection on the family members.

Here goes the letter.

New Delhi,

1 March 2021.

To my spouse Lakshmi Usha,

In your 66 years of life, the 5 decades you spent sharing love, affection, patience, respect and tenderness on me and our family is unparalleled.

Janmadinamidam ayi ‘priyasakhi’ sam tanothu te sarvada mudam||

Prarthayamahe bhava satayushi eeswaraha sada twaam cha rakshatu||

Punya karmana keerthimarnaya jeevanam tava bhavatu sardhakam||

My darling, greetings to you on your birthday. I pray that you be blessed and live for a full hundred years. May you be protected always and earn good name, and hope that He helps you in making your life more meaningful.

On our wedding day, we took a vow ‘Dharmecha, ardhecha, kamecha, mokshecha, naticharami! When I recall our 5-decade old wedding bond, I remember that you had followed it and also made me practise it.

Even before our marriage, my life was connected with public. Even after marriage, you know that I always thought of public and cared less about our family.

But, you put in all efforts and made our children worthy people and now, you are even taking care of their children too. The way you transformed our family into an ideal Indian family is commendable. You carved a niche for yourself by sharing love and affection to every member in our family. I am overwhelmed with your unflinching support and care towards me and our children.

Having lost my mother at a very young age, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me experience unconditional love and understand its importance. My heartfelt wishes to my Gruhalakshmi and life partner for travelling and being with me through life’s ups and downs.

Satamanam bhavati satayuh purushassatendriya ayushyevendriye pratitishtati||

I wish that you celebrate many more such birthday. I hope that you, who had taken seven steps with me, should be my partner for seven births in the future.

With love and affection,

The Vice President and his wife were lauded for being a source of inspiration to newlyweds and younger couples.

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