Vizag Steel Plant Privatisation: JD Lakshminarayana Files PIL in HC

CBI ex-JD Lakshminarayana has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against the Vizag steel plant privatisation in AP High Court. This PIL of Lakshimnarayana is expected to come for hearing on Wednesday. This is a total surprise move by the retired IPS officer and he wants to give his best shot to stop the privatisation.

Ever since the Centre has made it clear that it will be withdrawing its investments and hand over it to the private people, the employees of the steel plant have been agitating. Lakshminarayana has joined the employees’ agitation and assured them that he would fight with them.

Also the ex CBI officer wrote to Centre regarding the privatisation and made key suggestions on how the steel plant can be turned into profits which would benefit the employees as well as the government.

Lakshminarayana has taken an initiative with sincere approach and let’s see what the court has to say tomorrow.

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