KCR Press Meet: It’s Time To Start Living Along With Corona

KCR is addressing the press today about the strategy and decisions of state government after center announced lockdown extension until May 31st.

CM KCR announced that except containment areas, all zones are green from now. Only 1452 families will be in containment, and they will be following the restrictions of previously observed hot spot-red zone rules. The areas will be barricaded and essential goods will be door delivered.

KCR, once again, reiterated that it is time to start living and co-existing with coronavirus, but with certain rules and safety measures.

  • Except for red zones – containment areas, all businesses can be opened unlike the 50 percent allowed in the last few days everywhere in the state. In GHMC, Hyderabad, alternate shops can be operating their businesses in the odd-even policy, and no business can be operated or opened in containment zones.
  • RTC buses will be starting operations from 6 AM in the morning from May 19th. No city buses are allowed for now and the same goes for the Inter-state buses. RTC will be operating the bus schedules within the state. Autos, Taxis are allowed regular operations in the city, with Driver+3 passengers in cars and taxis and Driver+2 passengers in the auto-rickshaws will be strictly implemented. RTC buses will be operated with mandatory masks, sanitizations in buses, and also for passengers.
  • Saloons can be opened statewide, except for containment zones. E-Commerce also can be opened without any restrictions.
  • Government organizations and Private organizations can start full operations by following COVID-19 restrictions and measures.
  • Industries, Manufacturing units, and factories can be opened only by following the COVID-19 restrictions and measures.
  • Curfew continues like earlier, up to 31st May
  • All religious centers will be closed and no religious meetings are allowed.
  • Function Halls, Shopping malls, and Movie theaters will be closed.
  • Meetings, Rallys, and conferences are not allowed.
  • No Educational institutions will be opened.
  • Sports clubs, gyms, stadiums, parks,  Amusement parks will be closed.
  • Bars, clubs, pubs, and sports bars will remain closed.
  • Metro Rail also will not be operating for now.
  • Mask is mandatory. If not wearing a mask, there will be a Rs 1000 fine imposed. KCR asked all the people to follow self cleanliness and wear any mask.
  • KCR urged the people to not allow the aged (65+) from their families to go out unless it is unavoidable.