Live With Corona Like You’re Living With HIV: Venkaiah Naidu

Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu said in his latest Facebook post that people need to live with Coronavirus just like they are living with the HIV. Naidu said that people can’t live their lives in confinement and that one needs to bring changes in behavioral patterns, especially when there is no vaccine to contain the virus.

Welcoming the BJP government’s recent announcement of the relaxations for lockdown 4.0, Venkaiah said that life will never be the same for anyone. He opined that the Corinavirus pandemic is more a civilisational issue than that of individual lives.

The Vice President went on to suggest a “Twelve-point guideline of living during the Corona Times,” stressing about the behavioural changes such as wearing masks and maintaining physical distance and hygiene in public.

Naidu recalled the WHO officials’ statement on Coronavirus in which they said that the virus is going to stay with the mankind for longer than expected. However, he expressed hope and said the ongoing crisis due to the pandemic should be used as a course corrector and we equip ourselves with better tools to fight the epidemics – through gene editing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data etc.