Coronavirus: India crosses 9K cases; Telangana 531 & AP 420

India is facing a rapid increase in coronavirus cases as today itself 700 plus new cases have been reported across the nation. Just when everything was supposed to be relatively stable, today has once again taken the hyperbole in confirmed cases. Overall, India has 9204 positive cases in which 327 casualties have been registered.

Currently, the government took the decision of extending the lockdown two more weeks and might eventually leave the country with the world’s biggest lockdown.

Moreover several chief ministers of the states have recommended for the extension of the lockdown and Odisha, Punjab, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Telangana were the first states to extend the lockdown period.

In Telangana, the total number of cases so far is 531 with the highest number of cases registering from the capital, Hyderabad. The state also had the novel virus claiming 16 lives.

In Andhra Pradesh, the total positive cases as of 12 April is 420 and Andhra is witnessing a constant spike in the cases. A total of 7 people died due to the virus in Andhra.