Lockdown From May 2nd? Huge Betting Underway

Amidst the second wave of Covid-19, there is a huge panic of lockdown yet again. In the recent times whenever union ministers were confronted by the media, they were constantly asked about lockdown and the other day Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman categorically stated the Centre is not considering to impose lockdown at any cost.

Yet the rumour of ‘lockdown’ is not stopping. Freshly we hear that the Centre is in thoughts to bring lockdown from May 2nd. PM Narendra Modi is constantly holding meetings with ministers and officials regarding the Covid-19 second wave situation in the country. Last week he held a meeting with CMs and advised them to do more testing and take measures to contain the virus.

Following this, states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi which are the worst hit states have announced measures like weekend lockdown and night curfew. More states might take similar measures if needed.

As the rumour of May 2nd lockdown is spreading like wildfire, people are indulging in betting. That’s how gamblers make money even on a matter that is concerning the public health. This betting could be in crore and until the possible date arrives, the betting would go on. The police and tax officials are unable to trace the roots of the betting mafia but it is pulling in many people and a lot of money transactions are taking place.

On the other hand investors and businesses are worried about this rumour.Just when the economy is moving towards recovery, another lockdown will certainly dent the surge. Having badly hit by the first lockdown, the Centre is estimating the possibilities of lockdown and its consequences. A partial lockdown probably for a week or two to contain the second wave, might be okay but an extended lockdown will certainly show its implication on the economy.

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