Why TDP Leaders Scared Of Friday?

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is going full throttle against not just Opposition leader and his bête noire N. Chandrababu Naidu but all the TDP leaders. He is keen on paying back in the same coin to each TDP leader who had attacked him or his cadre, when the YCP was in the Opposition, say political observers.

It is not known if Jagan maintains the record of all those who attacked him in writing or in his mind but once targeted by the CM, it would certainly flash in the minds of the TDP leaders that they had tried to hit Jagan under similar circumstances, they opined.

On keen observation, one can clearly understand that Jagan chooses Fridays to target the TDP leaders apparently following their criticism that he does rounds of the court every Friday.

When the TDP was in the ruling, Andhra Pradesh TDP chief K. Atchennaidu used to say that every Monday, their leader (Chandrababu Naidu) goes to Polavaram project and ask the YCP men what would their leader do every Friday. Even former minister Kollu Ravindra used to say “Adhyaksha, ours is Monday governance, not Friday regime.”

TDP leader Dhulipalla Narendra, who was arrested last Friday, also likened Jagan to 420, right in the Assembly. Probably, keeping all this in mind, Jagan got arrested Atchennaidu and others on Fridays only. It could also be a ploy to leave no chance to the TDP men to approach the court for the next two days. Dhulipalla was even sent to 14-day judicial remand by the ACB court during the weekend.

Atchennaidu was arrested on a Friday. Coming to Kollu, though a case was booked against him on a Wednesday, the police arrested him on a Friday. Earlier, the Krishna district SP even gave a statement that they would definitely arrest Kollu by a certain date and arrested him while he was travelling.

This morning, TDP leader Palla Srinivas was targeted by the YCP government. In the past, they foiled his fast unto death against privatisation of VSP but razed one of his buildings at Patha Gajuwaka on Sunday saying it was illegal. Political analysts say that the demolition was planned on a Sunday so that the TDP leader will have no opportunity to move the court.

The timing of all these incidents would point at the fact that Jagan plunges into action against the TDP men specifically on Fridays.