Netizens Troll EC For Approaching Supreme Court

The Election Commission of India filed a petition in the Supreme Court, against the remarks made by Madras High Court. The Supreme Court will hear the petition tomorrow. EC called Madras HC’s comments, “blatantly disparaging remarks.”

Madras High Court recently blamed the Election Commission for the second wave of the coronavirus in the country. It added that EC should probably get booked for murder for not stopping political rallies in Tamil Nadu when there was a heavy surge in the COVID-19 cases.

In its plea, Election Commission stated, “Despite being an independent constitutional authority made serious allegations of murder on another independent constitutional authority without any basis, which has ultimately dented both the institutions.” It opined that HC should not have such comments on a constitutional body.

The netizens trolled the move of Election Commission, saying that there are better things in the country to bother about.