‘I Drink Cow Urine, So I Don’t Have Corona’: BJP MP Pragya Thakur

BJP MP Pragya Thakur claims that cow urine can cure lung infection caused by Covid. While we have absolutely no evidence that cow dung or urine can cure any disease, we have a few bigwigs recommending this for COVID-19 prevention. As we know, the practice is based on the age-old belief that cow urine could have an anti-bacterial or anti-viral effect.

The topic also has religious value. Without going deep into the religious aspect, let us not forget that the country is still fighting hard against the deadly infection no matter what. MP Pragya Thakur further said that she takes cow urine every day and it has protected her from the coronavirus. “If we consume urine of holy cow every day, then it cures lung infection of Covid. I am in deep pain but I take cow urine every day. So now, I don’t have to take any medicine against corona and I don’t have corona,” Pragya Thakur quoted at a party gathering today.

“Cow urine is a life-saver,” Thakur further added. This is not the first time as the MP had earlier claimed that she cured cancer in her by consuming an amalgamation of cow urine and other cow products. She is also a covid survivor, who tested positive back in December 2020.

On contrary, we have many scientists and doctors reiterating every single day to not fall for these practices. They have been warning us against unproven alternative cures offered for Covid, including the Indian Medical Association. “There is no concrete scientific evidence that cow dung or urine boosts immunity against COVID-19,” Dr JA Jayalal, the head of the medical body, told.

Not so long ago, we also have UP’s BJP MLA Surendra Singh claiming that drinking cow urine had protected him from the coronavirus. He also recommended “cow urine with a glass of cold water”. Last year In April, BJP Bengal chief Dilip Ghosh stated that he drinks cow urine and also urged others to do the same.

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