Rename ‘Mahanadu’ as ‘Nara Naedu’ or ‘Pappu Dappu’: Reddy

YSRCP’s mouth piece Vijayasai Reddy has hit back at TDP and it’s chief Chandrababu Naidu on the comments made on the eve of Mahanadu. Going into details, the TDP chief Chandrababu criticised the YCP government on crop insurance scheme which the Jagan government recently rolled out.

Chandrababu said that the money was from the government of India but YCP is marketing it as state government’s money which is a shame. These comments did not go well with YCP and firebrand leader Vijayasai Reddy stepped into the scene.

“I can see the foul cry of opposition on Rythu Panta Bheema scheme. They call it as GoI’s money but if it was really so, every state should be have such scheme,” wrote Vijaysai in his Twitter handle.

Adding, it’s a shame on Chandrababu’s part to spread lies from platforms like Mahanadu. “Instead of Mahanadu, this event should be renamed as ‘Nara Naedu’ or ‘Pappu Dappu.’ It would work well,” added Vijayasai.

The two day event of Mahanadu was primarily focused on the failures of YCP government. But the ruling party is no mood to accept the criticism from the opposition and so we are seeing such reactions.