New Look: Lokesh Lost 20 Kilos In Lockdown

TDP’s Nara Lokesh shocked all at the Mahanadu event with his new lean look. The usual chubby Nara scion turned the discussion point at Mahanadu event with his transformation by losing many kilos.

Nara Lokesh was not seen anywhere in the last 70 days or more, due to lockdown, except for one time he went cycling with his son. Lokesh is said to have lost more than 20 kilos during the lockdown time with a strict diet and workout regime.

Lokesh said he worked out for more than 45 minutes every day without fail in the stay-at-home time and the changes in food-intake also helped him shed those extra kilos.

It looks like Lokesh has utilized the stay at the home mandate to get into better shape and let us see if he shares more details from his lockdown routine, as it may inspire many others.