Get ready For Kurukshetra In Huzurabad: Etala

Finally, former minister Etala Rajender quit his MLA post. He submitted resignation today. Later, speaking to the media, he said that politics in Telangana were making a mockery of the laws. Leaders who had won with other parties’ tickets are continuing as ministers without any shame, he said.

He said that a ‘kurukshetra’ battle would be witnessed in Huzurabad, between the Kauravas and Pandavas. It is a battle between the dharma and adharma but it will be the people of Telangana who will be the real winners, he predicted.

Having been associated with the Left wing leaders during his youthful days, Etala said that he will be neither Left nor right now. “I will work with the sole aim to bury the autocratic rule of KCR,” he declared.

He said that jails and police cases were nothing new to him and that socialism was in his DNA. He revealed that several people requested him to launch a new political party. “At the same time, I was also told that KCR has hundreds of crores with him and that the CM would get me defeated. Some people even warned me not to resign to my post,” he said.

Etala said that he had quit the party for the sake of Telangana people. The authorities in the state are not concerned even when there is damage to the crops due to rain nor even there is increasing unemployment in the state. However, they are more interested in using police forces in restricting and fixing me, he said.

Confinement is not new to me and I know how to overcome it, he asserted. My only agenda is to relieve Telangana from a dictator’s rule and very soon, people will also teach him a befitting lesson, he predicted.

He urged all the intellectuals in the state to support him and requested them to understand why he had taken such a decision. There is no democracy in the state, he lamented and asked all the people to express their solidarity with residents of Huzurabad.

Etala claimed that even people in America were wishing that he win the elections.

In the TRS, neither MLAs nor ministers are being given respect, he said, adding that he would move forward to realise the ideals of Telangana martyrs.

Earlier, he paid tributes to the martyrs at the memorial in Hyderabad.

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